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For the past five decades, he's wowed audiences everywhere

from Istanbul to Winnipeg and from Detroit to Philly to the

Big Apple, in theaters, arenas, stadiums, gazebos, concert

halls, nightclubs, and dance halls.

He's also played a balcony over a bowling alley, and a

sandwich shop opening on a converted gas station's rooftop.

If you can imagine a venue, Ronnie Leigh has probably

played it.

And over the course of those five decades, at thousands of

gigs, concerts and performances, Ronnie has never come up

short. If this was baseball, this guy's the musical equivalent

of Hank Aaron,.... a guy who hits it out of the park every

night, and never fails to delight audiences wherever he

performs. His multiple-octave vocal range, engaging stage

presence, singular style and his love of the music always

comes across, and whether he’s interpreting Monk, Al

Jarreau or Duke, the man’s consistently sensational!

After 40 years in the music biz, working with everyone from

Smokey to Aretha to Ray Charles, and after 30 years of

watching this guy, all I can tell you is that he’s one of the

finest song stylists working in jazz today. But it doesn't stop

there. He's also one of the finest Soul and R & B stylists I've

ever heard and an amazing entertainer. The guy's the

complete package. And it's not even remotely hype to

mention him in the same sentence with the great Lou Rawls

and the amazing Donny Hathaway.

In Ronnie's first CD, Live at Apple Jazz, Leigh puts his signature

spin on 11 classics from the Great American Songbook that

you know and love.

If you're wondering who the incredible vocalist is on these

tracks, his name is Ronnie Leigh. And if you're wondering

why you've never heard his CD's before, I've been

wondering about that very thing for the last 30 years. Some

debuts obviously take a bit longer than others. Not sure why

that is, but the wait has been worth it.

~ Frank Malfitano, founder, Syracuse Jazz Fest

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